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Effective regulation strategy balances the need for oversight and protection with the ability for innovation and growth. Striking this balance is crucial for fostering a thriving industry and promoting the welfare of consumers.

Natasha Tepic

Our edge is our people

Natasha Tepic is an expert regulatory strategist with many years of success and is the principal of Reg IQ.

She has a Masters in Medicine Development from the University of New South Wales, a Business degree with a double major in Marketing and Management from Monash University and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Pharmacology also from Monash University.

A consultant with extensive experience in the areas of pharmaceuticals (prescription, OTC), complementary medicines, sunscreens, disinfectants and sterilants, medical devices, foods, cosmetics, industrial chemicals and veterinary medicines since 1995.

She works with a wide array of clients to assist with product development goals by meeting regulatory, scientific and business needs, planning, preparing and coordinating relevant submissions and identifying regulatory issues and strategies.

Her passion for regulatory affairs stems from her desire to help people by ensuring that they have options and access to the products they need in a timely manner.

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